Pavilion in Park
View from Hillview Road Looking Toward Park
View from Lot 11
Hillview Road Near Lot 5
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View from Lot 18
Pond on Lot 8
Lot 20
Winter View Lot 21
Winter sunset
Lot 8
View from road
View from Lot 11
View from Lot 18
Road fronting Lot 18
Road fronting lots 8 & 19
Pavilion deck in park
Pavilion in park
Park lake
Hundreds of dogwood trees can be found on the densely wooded lots.
Photo taken March 19, 2011
Dogwoods will be in  bloom until the end of March.
Creek in Wooded Area of Park March 2012
Creek in Park After Rain in March 2012
Another view of the creek in the Park
Several duck nesting boxes are located in the wooded area of the park.
View of Lake in Park from Pavilion
A Pavilion with restrooms is located on the bank of the lake in the park.
Rock outcroppins are seen along the walking trails in the park.
Rains create cascading water over the rocks in the park.
Hillview Road Near Lot 5 Driving South.
Hillview Road Looking North Near Lot 20
Hillview Road Looking South Near Lot 25
Hillview Road Near Lot 4
Hillview Road with view of lake in park