Wildlife Reserve & Park
The park is a private wildlife reserve and recreational park reserved for use by Sycamore Hill property owners and their guests.

PLEASE NOTE:  The lake within the park is currently  undergoing modifications to ensure that the lake will be full during years of low rainfall.  We currently have extreme drought conditions in this area.

The Park has an established wildlife management plan and provides an agricultural valuation for the Sycamore Hill Property Owners Association.  Currently all of Sycamore Hill is under wildlife management.  Nesting boxes, feeders and wildlife food plots can be found throughout the property.

The park contains 37.5 acres with over 20 acres of woods that have many meandering ravines containing sandstone boulders and rock shelves.

There are nesting boxes for wood ducks located within woods next to the lake.

Walking trails are being constructed throughout the wooded area and will wind through the meadow behind the lake.  In the meadow you will find nesting boxes for bluebirds.  Plans for the meadow include establishment of native grasses needed for shelter for ground-nesting animals.  There will also be a mix of wildflowers and other native plants preferred by deer, turkey, birds and other wildlife.

The lake will provide an opportunity to engage in “catch and release” fishing and will be stocked with bass and catfish.

Even though the lake is new and not filled completely with water, ducks and birds are already regular visitors.  Spring water is piped from the hill to ensure that once the lake fills it will remain full during dry months.

In addition there is a pavilion next to the lake with a deck extending over the water’s edge that will provide a great place to relax and entertain friends.  A beautiful stone fireplace provides the warmth needed to enjoy the outdoors on cool fall and winter days.  Two restrooms are located in the pavilion.

Pavilion in parkPavilion deckPark lake
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